What are servers.

Servers,what are they?There are two ways to explain this,First let me explain Servers (or a server) to my 12yo cousin:

Normally you have your laptop in the house,you’ve got maybe Ms Word,Vlc,Mozilla and a few other applications installed. You have a password to your laptop and you alone can access it,or maybe you give access to someone else in the house.Assuming you live in Guatemala,someone in Ohio cannot access your laptop,over the internet.The reason being you don’t have the appropriate software on your laptop that can give someone on the other side of the world access to your laptop or files on your laptop.

That brings us to one question,how can I make my laptop accessible over the internet? Like I mentioned earlier you have to install certain softwares and configurations for that purpose. So basically you need the following:

  • Good internet connection
  • Constant supply of electricity
  • A laptop
  • The Software I mentioned earlier
  • Skills and Knowledge to configure the laptop

You might be asking yourself,why are we making your laptop accessible over the internet?Simply put that is how you make a server.So,a server is a computer that can be accessed by anyone over the internet.

And now,let’s explain a Server to a person learning web development. This Tutorial makes the assumption that you’ve created a simple static website and have the website file which has index.html on your computer.

When developing a simple static website on your computer,you would preview your website by opening the index.html with a browser.So this means your website can only be seen by you.But the website needs to be viewd by everyone (or by people only allowed to,we’ll talk about this in another article),I mean that’s the purpose of a website.

Remember when I mentioned that there is a certain software that enables anyone on the internet to access files on a computer on the other side of the world? So a server in this context is a computer which has the right configurations and softwares that allows that.So, ‘ that computer ‘ is where you upload your website files to.

So whenever someone wants to visit your website they can easily issue a request (example.com) this request tells the server what the person wants,where to find it and how to display it.

I hope that was helpful.

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